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Twiki Solutions introduces Twiki Power Cloud Services: The home of your new digital employees. Twiki Power robots are here to take care of all your tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on the work that truly matters. Twiki robots live and work in our state-of-the-art Twiki Power Cloud, where they can quickly and accurately handle any task we’ve trained them to do.

With Twiki Power robots on your team, you can increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Say goodbye to boring manual labor and hello to a fully supported future with Twiki Power robots. Get in touch with our sales rep to learn how we can help to grow and improve your business.

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Twiki Power Robots

Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker

In short

Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker is a so-called software robot. The digital assistant of your operations department responsible for carrying out the checks and updates autonomously on a 24/7 basis.
The specific actions that Twiki actions performs to keep your Freight Management-/ERP system up-to-date:

  • Processing the modified Estimated Time of Arrival;
  • Processing Gate In and Gate Out Time;
  • Processing the changed vessel name and Actual Time of Departure of the Port of Loading in the event of a transshipment change;
  • Sending notifications to your operations department;
  • Optional: sending notifications to your partners and customers.

In addition, frustrations among your customers about incorrect ETA and vessel on which the container is loaded, belong to the past. After all, a satisfied customer starts with an up-to-date customer!

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Results and information

What does it do?

Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker is a Cloud Service that enables logistical companies to retrieve up-to-date shipment information (ETA, PoD, Gate In, Gate Out) based on booking data among which Booking number, Carrier code, MBL and Container number. The most accurate data empowering your core business processes.

Want to learn more about Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker? Please download our product flyer.


Which need does it fit?

Logistical companies need to have the most up-to-date and accurate shipment/container information available for the optimal use of their business processes. Each carrier, port and terminal has its own individual information system. The information provided by these various parties are not centrally accessible. Causing logistical companies e.g. freight forwarders to deploy employees to retrieve the information from each individual shipping line or terminal website. This crucial process is time consuming, boring and error prone. Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker fully takes over this manual operation by having robots perform these actions in the background.

Want to learn more about Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker? Please download our product flyer.


How does it work?

How does it work? Breaking down the complexity in the technical implementation down to a core explanation, the Twiki Power Container Tracker works as follows:

  1. It extracts source information (MBL, container number) from the the data being provided by customer's Freight Management System (FMS). This information contains relevant bookings that need to be enriched with the most accurate shipment information.
  2. Based on this source information, Twiki Power Container Tracker will look up the shipment information at the 3rd parties (shipping lines and terminals systems). The third party data is normalized to standard Twiki Statuses on which our customers can base business decisions.
  3. Twiki Power Container Tracker updates new information and changes to our customer systems so that they can access the information.

Want to learn more about Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker? Please download our product flyer.


Customer Cases

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Yellowstar has entered into a partnership with Twiki Solutions for fully transparent supply chains. The Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker provides a 24/7 reliable ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) for the arrival of a seagoing vessel in the port. Yellowstar integrates this ETA and other ship and cargo information (ATA, Dates of Transshipment Port, Discharge, Gate-out and Gate in) provided by Twiki for both export and import into its comprehensive supplier-to-destination order management service. This allows customers to further improve the quality of their logistics chains and significantly reduce costs.


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Thermotraffic has operated since 1984 as one of the leading logistics specialists for temperature-controlled logistics worldwide. Its dynamic and flexible team develops smart logistics solutions for industrial and commercial clients, helping them to become even more efficient in their respective markets and offers a one-stop service. To even further improve productivity and accuracy of freight information ThermoTraffic sought a fully automated real time solution. In close corporation with ThermoTraffic we have further standardized and implemented Twiki Power Container Tracker and extended the carrier- and terminal base. Its branches Rotterdam, Antwerp, Londen, Southampton and Felixstowe fully rely on Twiki Power Container Tracker.


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Janssen Air & Ocean was looking for a solution to further automate their Freight Management Process. To be more specific: the daily manual checks of the ETA, PoD, Gate Out and other vessel information of its customers’ sea freight containers. In close cooperation with Janssen, we optimized and robotized this time-consuming process. In just over 2 months we have prepared him for his new job as a digital assistant to the forwarders at Janssen Air & Ocean: Twiki Power Container Tracker.

Janssen Air & Ocean Rotterdam

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During the contracting for the Rotterdam branch, Janssen decided to expand the project to Antwerp. Antwerp has been connected immediately after the commissioning of Twiki Power Container Tracker in Rotterdam. Since Janssen has a consistent process and similar IT cloud strategy connecting Twiki to Janssen Antwerp could be realized relatively simple and fast.

Janssen Air & Ocean Antwerp

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